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  • Dr.
    Nancy Langlois Matthews
    Veterinarian - Practice Owner

    Dr. Nancy Matthews is the creator and owner of A Cat's View Veterinary Hospital, established 2008. She is graduate of Michigan State University and has been a practicing veterinarian for 33 years. Her special interests within veterinary medicine include ultrasonography, nutrition, and ophthalmology and soft-tissue surgery. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, home-canning, baking, gardening, and yoga. In addition to her husband and children, her large family includes several cats, horses, chickens, a pigeon, and several rescue animals including a pet rat, Daniel. Her cats' names are Pershie, Pharrel, Dutchess, Skoshi, Jambo Kai, Rainsong, Katya, Gaya/Zaya, Nanika, Ace, Joe Cool, and Maggie.

  • Brooke Wageman
    Practice Manager - Registered Veterinary Technician

    Brooke has been working in veterinary medicine for over 12 years. She enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband, going to gym, and playing softball. She has 2 cats, named Felix, and Luna. She also has 3 dogs, fish, 2 goats and a couple of chicken friends. She likes working here because of the high quality medicine we practice, and the fact that we always put our patients first. She appreciates that all of the staff here really genuinely care about each cat that we see! 

  • Christine
    Surgical Veterinary Assistant

    Christine likes working at a Cat's View because cats have always held a special place in her heart; she's always felt very close to cats and feels like she can really understand them.  She's been working in veterinary medicine for 26 years! Working here gives her the opportunity to do what she loves while working with people that are more like family than coworkers. She enjoys home improvement projects, gardening, cooking, and raising neonatal kittens. She has 5 cats named Fuzzy Butt, Sheldon, Priscilla, Rusty, and Billy.

  • Andrea
    Veterinary Assistant

    Andrea is native to Valley Center, and grew up in a household with all sorts of creatures from snakes to squirrels, but she's always had a soft spot for cats. Growing up, she volunteered at the humane society with her mom, and now she volunteers at Nurtured by Nature working with exotic animals. She also enjoys stained glass, painting, hiking, foraging native plants, mycology, vegan cooking, nutrition, and herbology. She has 3 cats, named Betelgeuse, Space Jam, and Lydia. She hopes to acquire a toad in the future and name it Sumo. 

  • Heidi
    Veterinary Assistant

    Heidi has worked in veterinary medicine for over 30 years. She has a special interest in animal enrichment and behavior. She likes cats because they keep you honest, and because they are the most misunderstood domestic animal or pet. She enjoys training horses, Dressage riding, hiking, and being outdoors. She has a horse named Peaceful and a cat named Cheetah. Interestingly enough, she has placed an IV catheter on a real Cheetah!

  • Harmony

    Originally from Northern CA, Harmony moved here with her two boys and fell in love with Valley Center. She grew up on a farm raising and working with animals of all shapes and sizes, which is where her love for animals began. Her little family has a special place in their hearts for cats, so when she found our hospital that specializes in cats, she knew she had to become a part of this wonderful team!

  • Heath
    Veterinary Assistant

    Heath enjoys computer programming, surfing, and exercising or going to the gym. He has one cat named Ace.

  • Patrick
    Veterinary Assistant

    Coming soon.

  • Blair
    Accounts Receivable

    Blair has two cats, named Antoinette and Seaworld. She also has one pony named Spud. Her hobbies are show-jumping, horseback-riding, travelling, and spending time with her two daughters. 

  • Joe
    Clinic Cat

    Joe has been a professional cat for 10 years. He enjoys watching cat TV, napping in the sun, fetching run-away treats, and snuggling with the human ladies that work here. Joe likes working here because he loves people and greeting them with a friendly 'meow.'


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